This workshop covers more advanced translation topics, with a focus on practical exercises.
Prerequisite: The workshop is designed for those who have already attended the Translation Workshop.


Workshop Outline:


Module 1: Review of the Translation Workshop for Office Personnel

Module 2: Faux amis

Module 3: Anglicismes

Module 4: Idiomatic Expressions: How to Detect Them

Module 5: Technical Documents: The Ideal Approach


Module 6: How to Solve Terminology Problems

Module 7: Elements of Advanced English and French Grammar

Module 8: Literal and Figurative Meaning

Module 9: Machine Translation: Friend or Foe?

Module 10: 25 Tips to Improve Your Translations

What Participants Will Learn:

  • How to know when to adapt
  • How to detect faux amis
  • How to determine if a word is used literally or figuratively
  • How to recognize idiomatic expressions
  • How to check the internal logic of a document
  • How to choose between two similar words
  • How to translate a poorly-written document
  • How to handle a complicated technical document
  • How to use machine translation friend