This workshop is designed for employees with a good grasp of
the English language. It is aimed at providing participants all
the tools required to write effortlessly and professionally in a
business environment.

Workshop Outline

Day 1
· Review of advanced points of English grammar
· Idiomatic phrases and expressions
· How to punctuate it right
· Rules for capitalization
Day 2
· Effective transition words and phrases
· Techniques for putting emphasis
· Techniques for constructing solid, balanced sentences
· The topic sentence
· Differences between Canadian and American English

What Participants Will Learn

  • The rules for capitalization
  • How to select the right word
  • 3 ways to organize a paragraph
  • 5 techniques for putting emphasis
  • How to write effectively using action verbs
  • How to check the internal logic of your document
  • The basic differences between English and French
  • 10 techniques for constructing powerful sentences
  • 5 techniques to get and keep the reader’s attention
  • How to ensure coherence and brevity
  • 100 transition words and phrases to spice up your writing