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As a matter of routine, every document entrusted to us for translation receives special attention at three levels:

  • It is translated by one of our highly qualified translators.
  • The translated text is then reviewed by a reviser who compares source and target texts to ensure that meaning has been accurately transferred.
  • The revised version is then passed on to a proofreader who examines it independently to ensure its conformity to conventions of grammar, style and presentation.

Depending on the nature of the project, this procedure may be enhanced as follows:

  1. We set up a project database that is updated regularly and shared among the translators working on the project to ensure consistency in terminology used throughout the project.
  2. We assign a project coordinator who is responsible for the following:
  • coordinating each translation assignment, including assigning work to various translators;
  • updating the terminology database to ensure that when work is being done by more than one translator, all members of the team will are consistent in their use of terminology;
  • contacting the client to iron out any technical problems related to the project.
  • coordinating project meetings during which translators on the project discuss translation problems and seek common solutions before any documents are returned to the client.
  • proofreading all translations before they are submitted to the client to ensure harmony in translations done by different translators.

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